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Online Donations Disabled

Dear Donors,

It came to our attention that an unknown and unauthorized third party has been “Card Testing” stolen or purchased credit card numbers on our online donation portal. To safeguard against it, the online donations portal is disabled.

This is a common issue for many unexpecting small organizations, like the Figgers Foundation. This third party is not a representative of the Figgers Foundation nor has this third party ever been affiliated with the Figgers Foundation. We have reported this issue to our payment processor and the local authorities for further review and assistance. If you have an unauthorized charge on your credit card from our Foundation, please allow us time to review the charge and process a refund. We truly apologize for this inconvenience.

The Figgers Foundation is a non-profit foundation that prides itself with integrity and commitment to its community. The Figgers Foundation focuses on improving the quality of education in our schools as well as provide adequate support for susceptible individuals, families and children in the United States. We dedicate resources to focus on global development by providing poorest communities around the globe accessibility to effective technology and health products and services.

We are taking this matter very seriously. Please allow us time to process your refund. Leaving a bad review on our social platforms will unjustly diminish the hard work that we have poured into the communities that need our help. We are actively working on this issue and a resolution to avoid this from happening in the future. If you have any questions about the status of your return, please feel free to send us an email at Info@FiggersFoundation.org. We appreciate your patience