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What We Do

Our Job is to get results and we know that our results depend on the quality of our Partnerships

As a foundation created to serve its community, we are a transformative partner, aligning systems, sectors, and structures. We bring people, resources, and organizations together to tackle important challenges throughout the United States. We have expanded our investments in the tools and resources that generate more equitable outcomes, and we believe that equity must be at the center of any impactful grant making strategy. Helping those that are most affected by a problem, or at least well served by a system, we can achieve impact faster and begin to build the more equitable, just world we want to see.

Our partnership with nonprofit organizations provides The Figgers Foundation with a level of expertise allowing us to join together and make even bigger strides in bettering the community and improving the world. We continue to use our platform and resources to focus philanthropists, policymakers and business leaders on equity and justice for the most marginalized in our society. From spotlighting the challenges that young people face, to calling on the education system to advance racial equity, to urging the private sector to recognize its role in promoting social justice, we are working to build bridges and help as many people as we can to understand we all have a role in working toward a more just and equitable world.

Most importantly, The Figgers Foundation focuses on the power of young people and we believe in the boundless potential of young people to change the world. By ensuring systems work for those most marginalized or in need, we want to help them reach their full potential.

We commit ourselves to collaborate with philanthropists, and corporations, leverage our innovative ideas, and take the promising risk to get outstanding results.