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The Figgers Foundation Launches Everyday People Campaign to Extend a Helping Hand to Floridians Who Need Financial Help

Fort Lauderdale, FL, February 17, 2021 – The Figgers Foundation, has introduced a new community assistance program to provide financial grants to Floridians in need. Called the Everyday People Campaign, the Foundation will extend a helping hand anywhere to anyone in need.

The Foundation will provide small financial grants to qualified individuals or families and to community agencies that refer a needy recipient. Meant to offer a measure of temporary relief, the program is focused on supporting Floridians who experienced personal hardships or true emergencies. While the program will eventually be national in scope, applicants will be limited to Florida residents initially. The financial need could be anything from paying a utility bill to supporting a community group that helps individuals.

Applications are now being accepted through the Foundation’s website or its social media platforms. Applicants must provide sufficient documentation to demonstrate the hardship and true need for assistance. Based on the information provided, the Foundation will determine acceptance and the amount of the grant. The Foundation is also working with companies, benefactors and other community organizations to pool additional funds to support the Everyday People Campaign to provide as much financial relief as possible.

While the Foundation will make every effort to assist as many people as possible based on available resources, it cannot provide funding to all those asking for assistance. In addition, to best ensure the integrity of the program, grants will be made payable to service providers and not directly to individuals wherever possible.

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, The Figgers Foundation has provided financial relief to minority communities throughout Florida. Much of the individual support has been provided to residents of Northern Florida who have cumulatively received nearly $90,000 to cover everyday hardships such as eviction protection, car repossession, tuition, food, household and medical supplies and even Christmas presents. In addition, the Foundation has provided 2.6 million items of personal protective equipment to front line responders, mostly at Florida-based hospitals, for Covid-19 assistance.

The Everyday People Campaign was conceived from these actions as a way for The Figgers Foundation to institutionalize a small grant program that provides immediate and impactful relief.

“We are excited to be adding another valuable assistance campaign to our diverse programs at The Figgers Foundation. All of our programs are created to change people’s lives for the better, one person at a time. While Everyday People is not intended to provide long-term, continuous relief, we’ve found that sometimes people just need some short-term help to get back on their feet after an unexpected setback.”

About The Figgers Foundation

The Figgers Foundation, a Florida-based private foundation, is dedicated to bringing awareness, promoting change and providing solutions to many real-life issues and challenges. For more information, please visit www.figgersfoundation.org.