Leadership Council

The Figgers Foundation is a young, dynamic organization which needs the support and input of people with experience and insight. The Figgers Foundation’s Leadership Council keeps track of the big picture of the Foundation, and addresses issues of concern and develops strategies to address these concerns, promote voice at the local level and to add prestige to the philanthropic support we provide to individuals and organizations.


The Figgers Foundation Leadership Council is committed to generating and influencing philanthropic and advisory support and to advance The Figgers Foundation’s grants and support of the people and organizations it serves.


The Members of the Figgers Foundation Leadership Council are comprised of a diverse group of civic and professional leaders at the local, regional, and national level.  Leadership Council members have specialized expertise in sectors that are committed to social enterprise. They are, connectors to a greater constituency and ultimately are our future Foundation Board members.

Meet The Leadership Council:

Kimberly Moore

Council Member

Kimberly Daniels

Council Member

Taryn Mazone

Council Member