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Freddie Figgers

Board Chair

Freddie Figgers is an American Inventor, software engineer, telecom entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is the founder of Figgers Communication, The Figgers Foundation, and FiggHealth. He is the youngest American who holds a Federal Communications Commission License which allows him to operate his own successful cell phone company. He was born and raised in Quincy, Florida and was abandoned by his biological mother at birth and adopted by his foster parents. Mr. Figgers learned the importance of accountability and giving back at a very young age. Living by the mantra that ‘We are our brother’s keeper,’ Mr. Figgers was determined to make a difference. His dreams as a young man, always included his community and how he could positively affect those around him. The Figgers Foundation has become the vehicle by which lives are affected. It is with this platform that our number one mission is to inspire change, bring awareness and provide solutions to a number of real-life issues that so many face every day. Read more

“What is a life lived, if you’ve never helped someone who couldn’t help himself?…Unfulfilled.” Freddie Figgers

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