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The Figgers Foundation is deeply committed to enacting positive change in the lives of underserved communities. Our focus areas encompass education, technology, and empowerment, as we strive to create lasting impact. Through an array of initiatives and comprehensive programs, we endeavor to bridge the digital gap, ensure access to education and technology, and foster personal growth.

From distributing laptops and tablets to students in need, to orchestrating mentorship opportunities and facilitating scholarships, The Figgers Foundation is dedicated to providing individuals, particularly foster youth and underprivileged children, with the essential tools and resources needed to thrive in today's interconnected world. By nurturing innovation, fostering learning, and igniting hope, we are resolute in our mission to construct a future that is both brighter and more equitable for everyone.


Bike Dreams

A bike is a gift that offers physical activity, the opportunity to meet and play with friends and even transportation to school or an after school job.


Food Insecurity and Disaster Assistance

Without a moments notice, what was once a beautiful day could turn into a tragedy within a blink of an eye!...


Everyday People

The Figgers Foundation's Executive Staff consists of visionary professionals who are passionately committed to driving positive change, overseeing the implementation of our initiatives.


Every Child Christmas

Each year thousands of kids wake up on Christmas Day with tremendous anticipation for what is under the tree...


The Hidden Figgers Scholarships

The Hidden Figgers Scholarship continues its commitment to helping outstanding students who come from low-income backgrounds to realize their maximum potential.


Apply for Teacher

With teachers and students facing the toughest learning challenges in a generation, you can help provide the supplies to keep kids learning.


Think Tank

Are you an inventor, thinker or dreamer who has taken his/her project through the necessary steps of becoming a reality, only to find yourself at a brick wall, due to a lack of capital?


Covid 19

The Figgers Foundation's Leadership Council comprises distinguished individuals, offering valuable guidance to drive strategic initiatives. Together, we advance global development and tackle health disparities.

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