Supporting April Stevens in Her Time of Healing

In the heartwarming community of Southwest Tallahassee, we recently heard about the courageous April Stevens. On August 11th, 2023, while traveling along Highway 20, April experienced a harrowing event that would profoundly alter her life's trajectory. A sudden and unexpected incident caused her vehicle to lose control, resulting in an accident that has since presented her with significant challenges. Now, facing the reality of not being able to walk, April bravely confronts this new chapter in her life. Reflecting on that pivotal moment, she shares with raw emotion, "I just remember waking up and seeing my whole life change". This event has affected more than just her physical abilities; it has transformed her day-to-day life, requiring her to adapt to new ways of independence.

In response to April's circumstances, The Figgers Foundation has stepped forward with genuine empathy and support. Recognizing the need for assistance, we have committed to providing aid, a decision driven by our deep empathy for April and our dedication to positively influencing her recovery process.

We warmly extend an invitation for you to be a part of this compassionate endeavor. By supporting April, you can help ensure she continues to be a vibrant, integral part of our community. Your generosity and kindness will have a lasting impact on her life, helping her navigate this challenging journey with hope and strength.

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