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The Figgers Foundation Grant Dream Cruise to Bahamas for Gadsden...

Tech entrepreneur Freddie Figgers, through the Figgers Foundation, has partnered with the Gadsden Wellness Center in Florida to provide an all-expense-paid cruise to the Bahamas for local senior citizens. The initiative aims to offer a memorable experience to seniors who may have never ventured far from their hometowns. The project was inspired by the dedication of Sherrie Taylor, the Executive Director of the Gadsden Wellness Center, and her long-standing connection with Figgers. The seniors, numbering 88, will embark on their voyage of a lifetime, thanks to Figgers generous contribution of $10,000, with the cruise set to depart in November, marking an ongoing commitment to making a positive difference in peoples lives.


The Figgers Foundation's Generous Act Inspires Hope for...

Freddie Figgers, CEO and Founder of Figgers Communications and the Figgers Foundation, has established a transformative partnership with the Tallahassee Nights Live (TNL) Performing Arts Foundation, a non-profit focusing on providing performing arts programs to underprivileged children in Florida. This collaboration, marked by a substantial financial donation, aims to offer children in high-crime and violence-prone areas safer and more enriching opportunities through partial scholarships and regular classes. The TNL Performing Arts Foundation, which has a long history of nurturing young talent, will now extend its reach and provide year-round classes and an after-school program thanks to the Figgers Foundations support. This partnership showcases a commitment to child welfare and community development, with Freddie Figgers actively advising and contributing to the cause.


The Figgers Foundation is proud to have partnered with Commissioner...

The Figgers Foundation is thrilled to partner with Commissioner Kionne L. McGhee in launching the transformative McGhee Connect Program. Officially announced at the Stephen P. Clark Center on February 9, 2023, under the leadership of Chairman Freddie Figgers, this initiative is poised to address the digital divide by providing essential resources to underserved communities, particularly in South Dade. The program offers free internet and phone services, ensuring vulnerable residents, including struggling families, working-class individuals, and the homeless, can access vital resources while staying connected with their loved ones. With Chairman Figgers commitment to bridging the digital gap, and Commissioner McGhees dedication to equitable access, the McGhee Connect Program aims to empower the entire Miami-Dade County community, regardless of their financial circumstances.


The Figgers Foundation | At The Figgers Foundation, we are incredibly...

Tallahassee Leadership believes that Freddie Figgers leadership, innovation, and dedication to service are truly deserving of this honor. We know that our Board Chair Freddie Figgers is deeply honored to receive this recognition, and we share in his excitement and gratitude. As an organization, we remain committed to following his example and continuing to make a positive impact in our communities.


At The Figgers Foundation, we firmly believe in the power of community...

The Figgers Foundations commitment to fostering connections and offering support is a powerful reminder of our capacity to make a positive impact in the lives of others. By reaching out and reassuring individuals that they are not alone, we contribute to a more compassionate and tightly-knit world. We have been privileged to inspire numerous children and families across the state, making them feel supported and less isolated in a world that can sometimes be isolating. Our collaboration with like-minded individuals and organizations, including Broward State Attorney Harold Pryor, underscores our shared mission of creating lasting change and improving the lives of those we serve. Together, we strive to make a profound difference, offering hope and optimism to those in need and instilling a sense of community that strengthens our society.


The Figgers Foundation, is honored to support the mission of...

At The Figgers Foundation, we are proud to support the mission of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Association, Inc. (GRGA Miami) and the incredible work they do to provide resources and support to grandparents and elder caregivers who are raising their grandchildren or young kin. GRGA"s efforts to connect these caregivers with essential resources and equip them with the necessary tools to raise the next generation are truly inspiring.


At The Figgers Foundation, we firmly believe that investing in the...

The Figgers Foundation proudly collaborates with The Florida Youth Foundation and a dedicated team of individuals who share a common mission - making a positive impact on the lives of young people. We firmly believe that by reaching out to and educating the younger generation, we have the potential to shape not only their individual futures but also the future of our communities. Children represent the promise and hope of the future, and it is our shared responsibility to guide and nurture them into becoming successful and responsible adults. Whether through formal education, mentorship, or the power of personal example, we can inspire them with a sense of purpose, self-confidence, and the essential tools they need to achieve their goals. Investing in our children is of paramount importance, and by providing the guidance and support they require, we collectively contribute to a brighter future for all. Recognizing the value of our children, we unite to help them unlock their full potential.


At The Figgers Foundation, we are truly honored to support...

It was an incredible experience to meet with the young minds at the Presentation Brothers College who are driving innovation today and building the future of tomorrow.

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The Figgers Foundation and our partner organizations provide nourishment; expand educational horizons; and support our brothers and sisters however they need it. Together we strengthen the foundation of our community and build our collective future.

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