Figgers Foundation Launches Pioneering Smart School Initiative in St. George Northwest

December 20, 2023

The Figgers Foundation is igniting a technological revolution in education and community development within St. George Northwest, marked by a significant stride towards transforming Hail Secondary School into the island's inaugural smart secondary school. This ambitious initiative is part of a broader strategy to incorporate cutting-edge technology into educational institutions, thereby enriching the learning environment and empowering the youth.

In a ceremony attended by notables including government Minister Senator Jonathan LaCrette, Hail Secondary School principal Mrs. Celestine James, and Mr. Frederick, CEO of Scots Medicals, the Foundation, under the leadership of renowned tech entrepreneur Freddie Figgers, reaffirmed its commitment to the community. The highlight of the event was the generous donation of advanced tablets designed by Figgers Communication. These devices are intended not just as educational tools but as bridges to a broader world of knowledge and connectivity, specifically tailored to enhance the students' learning experience.

The Foundation has laid out a comprehensive strategic focus for 2024, targeting not only the integration of technology into educational settings at all levels but also addressing youth unemployment and fostering community development. The selection of Hail Secondary School as the starting point for this technological transformation is a calculated move, aiming to establish a model for excellence and innovation that can inspire other schools in the area.

With a clear understanding of the pivotal role technology plays in the future of education, the Figgers Foundation is committed to equipping students not merely as consumers of information but as active participants in the ever-evolving digital landscape. The gratitude expressed by Mrs. Celestine James reflects the broader community's appreciation for the Foundation's dedication and the positive impact of its partnership with Frederick of Scots Medical and Freddie Figgers. As the Figgers Foundation continues its mission, the eyes of St. George Northwest are set on the promising horizon of an empowered and technologically adept generation.

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