Figgers Foundation Lights Up the Holidays with Generous Support Across Florida

December 24, 2023

Season of Giving: Figgers Foundation's Generous Support Shines Across Florida

As the festive season unfolds, the Figgers Foundation, started by local entrepreneur Freddie Figgers, continues to impact communities across Florida.

From enhancing mobility for elderly residents to bringing holiday cheer to nursing home residents in Tallahassee and supporting struggling families across Florida, the foundation's initiatives reflect a commitment to making a positive difference.

Figgers and Pastor Greg James have worked together on several initiatives to bring extra Christmas cheer to those in need.

Let’s take a look at a few of these.
Festive Smiles in Florida's Nursing Residence

Recognizing the potential loneliness that the festive season can bring to seniors in nursing homes, the Figgers Foundation embarked on a heart-warming initiative. The team procured personalized gifts for each resident and delivered them to hundreds of residents at River Chase Health and Rehabilitation Center in Quincy, Miracle Hill Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Tallahassee, and Sodalis Senior Living Facility in Tallahassee.

Concerts have also been scheduled at these facilities for December 21st and 22nd, aiming to create a joyous atmosphere for often-overlooked members of the community. This program is of particular personal significance to Figgers, who lost his beloved mother, Betty Mae Reed Figgers, recently.

Christmas Aid for Struggling Families

The Figgers Foundation's commitment to community welfare extends to supporting families facing hardships during the holiday season. The Foundation has partnered with religious and nonprofit organizations across the state to assist 1,000 families. They will be organizing and supporting trips to local Walmart stores in conjunction with various religious and nonprofit organizations throughout the week of December 19-23.

This initiative aims to ensure that children from impoverished backgrounds can experience the joy of Christmas without resorting to detrimental actions. The families benefiting from this assistance are spread throughout Florida, and the families will see their Christmas wish lists fulfilled to bring happiness and holiday spirit to those in need.

Empowering Accessibility for Those in Need

In Quincy, the Figgers Foundation was quick to assist an 88-year-old retired school librarian, Joyce Fields-Redding, who was facing significant mobility challenges.

The Community Director of a Senior Citizens facility contacted the foundation and shared information about Joyce’s needs. Figgers was quick to get his team into action, and a custom ramp was constructed at Joyce’s residence, providing her with newfound independence and improved quality of life.

Upon receiving this thoughtful gift, Joyce was overwhelmed with tears of joy, grateful that her long-awaited needs had been met.

These holiday initiatives are another example of the Figgers Foundation generously supporting the local community. Freddie Figgers, Pastor Greg James, and their team are providing material assistance,, fostering a sense of community, and ensuring that everyone, regardless of age or circumstance, can find warmth and happiness during this special time of year.

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